Ryan McMahon


Hey I’m Ryan and I’m a trainer. I’m Irish but live in London. I’ve been coaching professionally for over 15 years.

Since the age of 19, Crohn’s disease and (later) Ankylosing Spondylitis have had a huge impact on my life. While friends were partying and advancing their careers, my 20’s were spent battling a mis-firing immune system while trying to stay fit, healthy and productive.

Throughout these challenging years I tried almost every possible medication, diet, supplement and stress-reducing practice you can imagine. I finally managed to maintain long-term remission by learning everything I could about exercise, healthy eating and recovery, and experimenting to identify what is effective.

Good health and staying in shape has been a real challenge. But I think this has given me a huge advantage as a coach. Successful trainers genuinely empathise with clients and their daily struggles, and devote their time to overcoming these obstacles to make you stronger, leaner, faster and healthier.

I love squatting, burritos and rock music. Above average cook. Below average guitarist. I’m a huge Liverpool FC fan but I won’t bore you about their brilliance. Much.

Kelsey McMahon


I’m Kelsey and I’m the other half of our successful coaching team. I’m born and bred on the east coast of the USA, but moved to the UK over ten years ago.

As a full-time mom to Layla and Stella I know the common difficulties of finding time to live a healthy lifestyle, while herding little people every day!

Having played competitive soccer, lacrosse, softball, gymnastics and cheerleading throughout my teens, I became hooked on strength training in my twenties while working with my own personal trainer. Highlighting weaknesses and improving my strength was hugely beneficial during both of my pregnancies. I encourage all my pre and post natal ladies to use safe, effective exercises to help with the challenges of pregnancy and in the recovery period after birth.

I don’t believe restrictive low-calorie diets achieve long term results. I work closely with clients to figure out how their nutritional habits are limiting progress, then put plans in place which fit in with their lifestyle. If you can’t enjoy an occasional glass of pinot noir and ice cream then what’s the point, right?


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