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Millionaire CEO's are getting jacked. What's going on?

Have you seen Jeff Bezos recently? He’s gone from skinny to Vin Diesel in a matter of months.

Mark Zuckerberg recently posted that he completed the famous gruelling Murph crossfit challenge in under 40 minutes.

1 mile run. 100 pull-ups. 200 push-ups. 300 squats. Another 1 mile run. All while wearing a weighted vest. That’s a ridiculous time even for the best athletes.

Even Elon Musk has shared that he’s now intermittent fasting and has already dropped 10kg.

Why are CEO’s now publicly flexing their muscles instead of their bank balance?

I think in Bezos’ case he’s probably just trying to keep up with his new super-fit girlfriend. But turtlenecks and baggy jeans are seemingly being replaced by fitted t-shirts and lululemon.

The buff businessman has arrived.

Health is the new wealth is a catchy trope but it’s nothing new. When you seemingly have everything, getting ripped is the icing on the cake. Anyone can make money but achieving extreme levels of fitness is proof of commitment and relentless hard work.

And if you somehow had missed it, grinding for success is the new social media porn.

I think shaming plays a greater part. Imagine wanting to project a life of success and being bombarded with pictures of yourself overweight, unfit and (worst of all) looking your age. Spending millions on your prized yacht only to be called “pasty” and “fat” as you’re papped trying to enjoy it.

Bill Gates must have choked on his morning doughnut after reading Elon Musk comparing him to a pregnant man.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the increased use of supplements for men to regain the T levels of their prime was having a large effect too.

Regardless, I hope the trend continues. I want to see a jacked Jack Dorsey. A buff Warren Buffet. The Body By Bill Gates workout program.

Surely a fit, health-conscious celebrity CEO is a better role model for society even if their egos need stroked in the process?