Ryan McMahon Fitness | personal trainer Pimlico

Client Results


"Ryan was recommended to me by an Osteopath after I picked up a severe knee injury while skiing. I needed to build up strength around my knee so I could walk pain-free, but my long term goal was to compete in a triathlon. A big ask but I put my faith in Ryan to get me race-ready. 18 months later I completed a sprint triathlon in 2 hours 25 minutes. I dropped 6% body fat while gaining 3kg of muscle."


"As a personal trainer myself, I know the importance of working with someone you trust. Especially when it comes to your health and fitness! Ryan has trained me for over 10 years and helped me regain my physique (and my confidence) after the birth of two children. His guidance and support have made me a better trainer too."


“A complete beginner to lifting weights, I was encouraged to train with Ryan by a friend. Following a proper strength program and structured nutrition plan appealed to my analytical nature. Seeing results within a few weeks motivated me to drop from 15.3% to 5% in a little over 6 months. Friends still tell me I look like a completely different person!”


“Ryan was recommended by my previous trainer. I work long hours and I needed to optimise my time in the gym. My results have been brilliant. I’ve dropped 7% body fat, gaining almost 4kg of lean muscle. The workouts are always challenging and having a set regular schedule when I get my progress measured really taps into my competitive nature. I’m fitter, leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been!”


“I initially trained with Ryan to lose some weight. Ryan identified movement and postural issues I d developed from years working at a desk, and built a program to get me into peak fitness. I dropped from 113kg at my heaviest down to 78kg which I now maintain. I feel fitter, healthier and younger. I even sleep better now!”


“I liked classes but I wasn't getting results. Ryan taught me to lift weights and my body changing quickly. I was stronger and my body fat began to drop rapidly. Friends and family were amazed by my progress. Monitoring my progress motivated me to stay on track with food and training. My body fat dropped from 25.7% to 14.9%!”


I was struggling to lose the weight I had gained after 3 children and was constantly tired. Ryan fixed my nutrition and my body fat dropped which kept me super motivated. I went from from 20.6% to 13.2% The real highlight was seeing my progress in my before and after photo. I feel happier, lighter and more determined than ever!"


“Having a history of injuries, I'd given up on exercise. Ryan identified weaknesses and designed a program to help trust my body again. He showed me how to train and recover effectively to get the physique that I wanted. I lost 9kg in 12 weeks and my body fat went from 19.2% to 10.3%! I've less pain, sleep better, and perform better at work.


“I need structure and data and Ryan's approach to exercise and nutrition appealed to me. Regular measurements stopped me from slipping into bad habits. From a complete novice at 22% body fat, I'm stronger than ever at 10%. Exercise is part of my routine and I still enjoy socialising without ruining all my hard work ”