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“When I first met Ryan I was working long hours in a very challenging industry. I wanted a professional to help me make me the most of my time in the gym.

Ryan’s approach appealed to me from the first session. Everything we did was based off an extensive initial assessment looking at everything from my body fat measurements to imbalances and postural issues. Ryan encouraged me to gradually change my lifestyle while increasing my workload and efficiency in the gym.

Results came very quickly. I managed to lose 4kg of excess weight in the first few months and started to see visible changes in my physique.

Over the years of training together I went from 20.2% body fat to 4.6% at my lowest measurement, while gaining over 6kg of muscle.

Ryan has the brain of a scientist, the patience of a saint, and the enthusiasm of a puppy!”

“I trained with Ryan while preparing for filming Game of Thrones.

I had some very specific requirements, not a lot of free time, and needed to be in great condition for some of the physically demanding scenes. The training was tough at times but the results were incredible!”

Ryan has been my trainer for several years and, at the beginning of March 2019, I joined his RMF Challenge.

I was struggling to lose the weight I had gained after the birth of my third child, which was having a significant impact on my wellbeing. I hoped the friendly rivalry of the challenge would give me a target and something to focus on.

At the beginning of the challenge I was determined, full of energy but knew I needed strong willpower to make it through to the end!

Immediately we looked at where I was going wrong with my nutrition and I started exercising 4/5 times a week. Ryan constantly reminded me that if I stuck at it then the results would come.

With my regular assessments, I could see my body fat going down and I knew I was going in the right direction. It kept me super motivated and despite finding it hard to stay on track I felt good in the progress I had made so far. Having the other competitors encouraging and challenging me each week gave me that extra push to stay on track.

Overall I found it tough but an incredibly rewarding challenge. My body fat dropped from 20.6% to 13.2% but the ultimate highlight was seeing my before and after photo comparison.

I haven’t reached my ultimate goal yet but I’m well on my way feeling happier, lighter and more determined than ever!

“Alex’s background was really interesting when he reached out for some help with his training.

He’d quite a debilitating knee injury which had kept him off exercise for quite some time. We’d been recommended to him by an Osteopath who we’d worked closely with previously.

Our goal was to get Alex back on his feet again, build up some strength around his knee and then potentially get him back to being able to run again. Alex set himself the lofty goal of a competitive triathlon. A daunting task considering he could barely walk pain-free and his nutrition habits were certainly not aiding his recovery.

Fast forward 18 months (and another major skiing injury to his opposite knee!) and Alex smashed his sprint triathlon in 2 hours 25 minutes.

He has also dropped 6% body fat while gaining an impressive 3kg of muscle since his first day at the gym. He continues to make excellent progress on his knee and can fully trust it with almost every exercise and activity.

Alex is a perfect example of what can be achieved with a specific goal, some structure to exercise and nutrition, and bucketloads of commitment.” – Ryan

“Two years ago I plucked up the courage and joined a gym. I was 80.1kg, struggling with my health, my conditioning was non-existent and I was pretty miserable.

I was taken through an induction with a fitness instructor and was given a program to follow but was getting nowhere.

Ryan noticed I needed help and suggested I try personal training. I was nervous but Ryan immediately made me feel at ease and kept enforcing the belief that anything was possible with the correct guidance, dedication and a lot of hard work!

My results have been staggering. My weight is now steady at 52kg and my body fat has gone from 48.5% to 21%!! I’ve lost over 22cm from my waist and gone from a size 16 to a size 8! Although I made some adjustments to my eating habits and how I view food, I’ve never tried any diets and never will.

Ryan continuously encouraged me to set myself new targets, to get stronger, and now I’m ready to start taking gymnastics classes! I’ve achieved all my original goals but I see our sessions as an essential part of my weekly routine.

Getting where I am today has been far from easy but it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I have so much more confidence to push myself further, both inside and outside the gym. Ryan is amazing! His jokes are terrible though…”

“I have always used gyms and stayed fit but was struggling to get the results that I wanted.

I met Ryan through a  recommendation from a friend and he put a structured plan in place to suit my busy travel, practice and work schedule.

We focused on my nutrition closely and tracked my progress with regular assessments, which is where I realised I was going wrong. Ryan planned out my training too and made sure I was doing every single rep of every exercise effectively.

I dropped from 15% to 7.5% body fat in 12 weeks which far exceeded my original goals.

Ryan’s training is the best I’ve ever come across.”

“I approached Kelsey for personal training after seeing how she worked with her other clients (and how fit she looked when training herself!) She was engaged with clients, supportive and made the training sessions look challenging but enjoyable.

I didn’t have much experience of resistance training but Kelsey encouraged me to try it out. She was very patient in guiding me through each exercise but once I grasped the technique, I was amazed at how strong I became!

I have taken part in the various RMF physique challenges which really bring out my competitive side!

I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made over the years working with both Kelsey and Ryan – including getting back to fitness after two kids! I strongly recommend hiring them – you won’t be disappointed!

“Ryan was recommended to me by another personal trainer who I previously worked with.

My job means I work long hours and don’t have much free time so I needed to make the most of my time in the gym.

Its been 3 years since we started training together and my results have been brilliant. I’ve dropped 7% bodyfat while gaining almost 4kg of lean muscle.

The programs and workouts are always challenging and having a set regular schedule when I get my progress measured really taps into my competitive nature.

I’m fitter, leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been!”

“Best trainer ever!!!

Ryan has helped so much over the past year. Thanks to his motivational words and energy and the crazy, amazing workouts I didn’t think I was capable of achieving, I have lost 20kg (=44lbs).

On top of the fat loss, I now feel stronger and more confident in my body and I am so thankful to Ryan for literally changing my life and my habits.

I can only recommend him to anyone who is looking for a PT!!”

The RMF Physique Challenge was a fantastic experience.

Having a long list of injuries, I thought my body was incapable of taking on such a challenging transformation.
Ryan put my worries at ease right away. He identified weaknesses, showed me how to train effectively to make these areas stronger, and taught me the importance of recovery in getting the physique that I wanted. He designed an exercise program which accounted for my injuries and gave me the confidence to trust my body again.
My results were amazing. I dropped almost 9kg in 12 weeks and my body fat went from 19.2% to 10.3%! I am so much stronger too and have regained my confidence to push my body harder in the gym. I now see consistent, effective training and improved nutrition as part of my healthier lifestyle.
This healthier lifestyle has had a dramatic impact on every other part of my life. I have less pain, sleep better, perform better at work and have a new excitement to challenge myself further. 
Ryan’s role in my transformation cannot be stressed highly enough and I have recommended his coaching to many friends and family members. 

“I started working with Ryan about 5 years ago. At the time, I was overweight, scared of the gym and, in retrospect, knew very little about my own body and training in general (despite thinking I knew it all at the time..!) This all culminated in an incredibly debilitating but all too common injury: slipping my L4/L5 disc. At 6″4 and only 21, I feared that this injury would likely be with me for life.

Since working with Ryan, I’m happy to report that I’ve been totally pain free for about 3.5 years now. I’m at a point where I do not consider my slipped disc to be a hindrance in any way; I’ll happily volunteer to move heavy furniture and generally do things that I would have previously recoiled from due to pain and fear of further injury. 
Ryan was extremely knowledgeable and considerate in creating varied and effective training programs for my recovery. He was also extremely personable, and I felt as though he made my “fear” of the gym disappear. As time progressed, Ryan helped me increase the intensity gradually and safely. I was becoming so much stronger that Ryan often had to encourage me to pace myself – I was always desperate to progress faster but I now appreciate what’s required for a total recovery.
Since recovering fully, Ryan helped me make exceptional progress in the balance and growth of my own strength and I am without a doubt in the greatest shape of my life. Ryan has drilled the fundamentals of good form to such a point that they are now intrinsic in my gym work and topics such as nutrition, rest and program planning are far more familiar to me now with the many hundreds of questions that I posed to Ryan!
My quality of life since starting work with Ryan 5 years ago is leaps and bounds greater than what it was then, and I have no doubt that a large part of that is feeling comfortable and strong in my own body – a feeling that I would not have were it not for Ryan’s help.
Considering the above, it goes without saying that I would recommend Ryan to anyone with absolutely no hesitation.
As a final note – To offer proof of my injury free back claims, my most recent deadlift set was 180kg – 5reps x 3 sets!”

“As a former professional tennis player I needed a truly world class trainer to get me ready to compete again.

I started working with Ryan about 4 months ago and have not looked back since. He not only a trainer but a motivator, a mentor and coach. He has got me back on the road to playing competitive tennis once more and I could not have done it without him.”

When I met Ryan I had never tried strength training before. I liked going to classes and predominantly stuck to cardio-based workouts, but I was struggling to get the results I wanted.

Ryan took the time to teach me how to lift effectively and safely, and I started to see changes to my body quite quickly. I felt so much stronger and my body fat began to drop steadily to the point where friends, family and colleagues were noticing my progress.

We constantly monitored my progress which really motivated me to stay on track with food and training. My results showed my body fat dropped from 25.7% to 14.9%!

With Ryan’s guidance I’ve changed how I look at fitness and nutrition and my daily habits are completely different.

Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint

Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint

Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint

Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint