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Confessions Of A Personal Trainer -Everything I Eat In A Day

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Coaching what, how and when to eat is all in a day's work for fitness professionals. But how good are we at following our own advice?

If the fit pro instagram life was real, trainers would smash a 4-hour workout after a full day of coaching, and manage all this on a diet of salad and protein shakes.Β 

Don’t be fooled.

If you’re exercising intensely and on your feet helping clients all day, a Caesar without the dressing isn’t going to keep your energy levels up.

Anyone in a physically demanding job needs calories.

Below is a typical day when I’m training clients (but still have time to eat), working out intensely for at least 45 minutes, and want my weight to stay the same.

Note – If I wanted to lose weight I’d drop calories by about 10% (bye bye shreddies), and increase by 10% if trying to gain muscle.

1. 5.15am – wakey wakey

Probiotic & Vit D

2. 5.45am – commute

Bulk peanut butter & chocolate vegan protein powder with water.

Calories – 125Kcal, Protein – 23g, Carbs – 3.6g, Fat – 2.1g

3. 6.30am – first client

Green tea & creatine

4. 10am – pre workout

Java Stim (caffeine) & banana

Calories – 120Kcal, Protein – 1.3g, Carbs – 27g, Fat – 0.4g

5. 11am – post workout

Bulk peanut butter & chocolate vegan protein powder with water.

Vitargo (waxy maize)

Calories – 405Kcal, Protein – 23g, Carbs – 73.6g, Fat – 2.1g

6. 1pm – lunch

Poke bowl with salmon

2 x boiled eggs

Calories – 645Kcal, Protein – 40g, Carbs – 65g, Fat – 25g

7. 3pm – snack

Grilled chicken & spinach

Calories – 210Kcal, Protein – 48g, Carbs – 0g, Fat – 2g

8. 5pm – commute

Handful cashews & apple

Calories – 414Kcal, Protein – 15g, Carbs – 21g, Fat – 30g

9. 6.30pm – dinner

Vegan “steak”, rice, large salad


Calories – 493Kcal, Protein – 22g, Carbs – 90g, Fat – 5g

10. 8.30pm – bedtime snack

Shreddies with rice milk (x 2 bowls πŸ™„)

Calories – 396Kcal, Protein – 10g, Carbs – 80g, Fat – 4g


Nutrition total

Calories – 2810Kcal

Protein – 185g

Carbs – 360g

Fat – 70g