Frequently Asked Questions

 If you put in 100% effort and commit to our coaching you should see noticeable improvement in a few weeks. If you keep eating fried mars bars (yes they exist!) while vegetating on the couch, then it’s going to take a while longer…

We cannot guarantee results because we can’t control what you put in your mouth 24 hours a day. But we can promise the best possible exercise and nutrition advice based on over 10 years of experience and backed by the latest scientific research.

Yes. We have a number of individuals who come in for training sessions who use the facilities at DSQ as a guest. There is a small guest fee (£5) to be paid at reception on each visit.

Of course. We train lots of couples and small groups (maximum of 3). Get in touch below for a quote and to check availability.

Maybe not the pug. His legs are too short for the squat rack…

We can assist in getting a discounted membership rate at DSQ Gym if you are joining to train with us.

The exact rate changes with seasonal variations in membership rates. Contact us directly and we can put you in touch with the sales team

Call or email us and we can discuss your options directly.

It’s never too late to focus on looking after yourself. In fact, as you get older, it’s increasingly important to make sure you keep yourself strong and healthy. We tailor our training to accommodate all levels and abilities have even trained individuals over 100 years old.

Me too! I have some chronic health conditions which require careful management when it comes to exercise and nutrition. I know all too well how challenging life can get coping with an illness.

But making yourself stronger, fitter and healthier will guarantee you are giving yourself the best chance of coping with your condition into your later years. The benefits of exercise on general health are now proven by science, and we receive an increasing number of referrals from medical professionals.

The role of personal trainers is constantly evolving. Successful trainers need to be problem solvers. To empathise when life gets tough and still find ways to help you hit your goals. To understand that fatigue and dis-interest is not (always!) a sign of laziness and how to respond to keep you moving forward.

From over 10 years of experience, these qualities are extremely rare in your average personal trainer. Check out our testimonials to see how we value each and every trainee.

That might be true but we provide ourselves on the quality of our service. What’s better value – getting nowhere for years with a bargain basement trainer or making rapid and more impressive progress in a few months by investing in a trainer with proven results?

That’s really not our thing I’m afraid. We are far too busy making people awesome. 

If we recommend something it’s because we genuinely think it’s beneficial.

My heart (and my weathered hip) say squats.


Shreddies being the greatest ever cereal is the hill I’m willing to die upon.

Can’t I pick both?

Metallica. No wait, Led Zeppelin. Actually no – Metallica.


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