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Are you ready to take on the 12 Week Physique Challenge?

The 12 Week Physique Challenge is designed to achieve jaw-dropping physique change in the shortest period of time.

You and your fellow challengers will be coached through intense exercise, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle strategies throughout the whole journey.

This challenge is run totally online through WhatsApp so you can take part from wherever you are in the world.

This challenge runs once per year and places are limited so you need to book your place early.

Ready to sign up? Get in touch and book your space!

12 Week Physique Challenge FAQ

A 12-week fitness and physique challenge run on WhatsApp with the goal of helping challengers get in shape in time for summer.

You pay an entrance fee which is essentially a bet that you will be successful:

  • lose 20% of your initial measured body fat (start at 20% and finish at 16%) = 100% refund of entrance fee
  • lose 10% of your initial measured body fat (start at 25% and finish at 22.5%) = 50% refund of entrance fee
  • lose less than 10% of measured body fat = 100% entrance fee goes to charity

Be prepared – it’s called a challenge for a reason. You need to make significant changes to your lifestyle for 12 weeks.

17th March 2024

9th June 2024

1. Sign up and pay your entrance fee.

2. Book in for an initial body fat assessment and pre-photo just before the 17 March.

3. You’re added to the 2024 WhatsApp challenge group.

4. Train, eat, sleep like you’re an athlete. Repeat for 12 weeks. 

5. Weekly fitness challenges help improve your technique, strength, endurance and keep you motivated

6. After 12 weeks, book in for your final body fat assessment and post photo by latest 9th June, 2024.

Email info@ryanmcmahonfitness.com and say you’re in for the challenge 2024.

The entrance fee for the Physique Challenge 2024 is £100

Donations from the 2024 Physique Challenge will support breast cancer research through Cancer Research Uk

Anyone with the goal of losing body fat!

The goal is losing body fat so if you’re in a bulking phase this wouldn’t be the challenge for you.

The challenge is meant to be a fun, rewarding experience. If you are concerned this challenge might cause excessive stress or anxiety, or affect your mental health in any way, please contact me first to discuss.

Please reach out if you have a medical concern which you feel might exclude you.

Absolutely! Coaching is catered to all levels of abilities. In fact, often the greatest progress is made by challengers who are new to an exercise routine, or have had a long absence from exercise.

I continue to be amazed each year by the incredible progress made by challengers. Depending on your start point, typically you can expect to lose 5 – 8kg. We have even seen individuals lose 50% of their body fat in 12 weeks!
It all depends on your application throughout the challenge – great effort will be rewarded with great progress!

Some methods will be extreme (to get extreme results), but the aim of the challenge is to develop nutrition and exercise habits which can be maintained beyond the challenge. I’ll teach you how to select nutrition protocols which suit your lifestyle and personality and how to build effective, safe exercise programs.

Nope. It’s run on WhatsApp so everyone is welcome, wherever you live.

Yes! The challengers who make the greatest progress are always those who place closest attention to nutrition.

There’s plenty of options for exercising beyond joining a gym.

Only if you let it! Just because you’re in a different time zone doesn’t mean you can’t stay consistent with training and nutrition. It might be more tricky but we’re here to help with staying on track while on the road.

We’ll send you instructions on how to take good quality before and after photos. You’ll also need access to a body fat scale.