Are you ready to take on the RMF challenge?

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to achieve a dramatic physique transformation in 8 to 12 weeks?

Imagine being in with a chance of winning cash prizes while getting the body you always dreamed of…

The RMF Challenge is an 8 or 12 week competition designed to achieve jaw-dropping physique change in the shortest period of time. You and your fellow challengers will be coached through intense exercise, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle strategies throughout the whole journey.

This challenge is run totally online through WhatsApp so you can take part from wherever you are in the world.

We only run this challenge once or twice per year and places are limited so you need to book your place early!

Ready to sign up for the next RMF Challenge? Contact us in the form below and book your space.

RMF Challenge FAQs

An 8 or 12 week fitness challenge on WhatsApp with the goal of helping challengers get in shape in time for summer. Prizes are awarded for challengers judged to have made the greatest physique progress by the end (not who has the best physique!)

We start our first 8-week challenge on February 1, 2020 and finish on March 28. Dates for our second challenge will be announced later in the year so stay tuned!

Once you sign up we book you in for an initial body fat assessment and pre-photo before the start date, and you join our WhatsApp challenge group. You then have 8 or 12 weeks (depending on which challenge you’ve entered) to transform your physique with our help. Weekly fitness challenges help improve your technique, strength, endurance and keep you motivated
At the end we repeat your body fat assessment and take a post-photo so you can see your progress. Anyone who opts to enter the judging contest will then be in with a chance of winning a prize.

The entrance fee for our Winter 2020 8-week challenge is £50

The entrance fee covers:

  • 8 or 12 weeks of group coaching through WhatsApp.
  • Initial and final body fat assessments
  • Before and after photos
  • Preparation of your before and after comparison photos on completion
  • Entrance into judging contest to win cash prizes

Absolutely! We tailor coaching to cater for all levels of abilities. In fact, often the greatest progress is made by challengers who have had a long absence from exercise.

That information is top secret! Our panel of experienced judges across the world compare before and after photos and body fat results before deciding on the winners. All heads are removed from photos to preserve anonymity.

  • Best male transformation
  • Best female transformation
  • Runner-up transformation
  • Coaches Prize (a special award for the challenger who goes above and beyond as judged by Kelsey and myself)
Cold hard cash. The value of each prize will be determined by the number of confirmed challengers taking part.
Of course! Just let us know when you sign up. Remember the main purpose of the challenge is to get you in shape – the prizes are just an added bonus.
We continue to be amazed each year by the incredible progress made by challengers. Depending on your start point, typically you can expect to lose 5-8kg and 4-5% body fat. We have even seen individuals lose 10% body fat in 12 weeks!
It all depends on your application throughout the challenge – great effort will be rewarded with great progress.

Some methods will be extreme (to get extreme results), but the aim of the challenge is to develop nutrition and exercise habits which can be maintained beyond the challenge. We will teach you how to select nutrition protocols which suit your lifestyle and personality and how to build effective, safe exercise programs.

  1. Personal training available at Dolphin Fitness, Pimlico, London
  2. Online coaching
  3. The RMF 12-Week Transformation Program
Please contact us directly for a quote for coaching.
A workout program covering the whole 12 weeks. Every workout is planned out for you in terms of exercise selection, sets, reps, tempo, cardio element, progressions etc. There are videos and written descriptions of every exercise to make sure you master technique. 
The program is particularly useful if you plan to take part from a distance. All you do is check into the Trainerize App each day and follow your workout. You can even track workouts and monitor progress as you go along. Easy!
The price of the RMF 12-Week Transformation Program is only £75

Yes! The challengers who make the greatest progress are always those who place closest attention to nutrition. Of course exercise is important too and if you sign up for online coaching we can provide home/hotel/beach workouts – whatever you need!

Only if you let it! Just because you’re in a different time zone doesn’t mean you can’t stay consistent with training and nutrition. It might be more tricky but we’re here to help with staying on track while on the road.

We’ll send you instructions on how to take good quality before and after photos.

Your photos will not be shared anywhere without your permission.

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Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint

Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint

Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint

Ryan has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the brain of a scientist and the patience of a saint